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The Office is placed in Aversa , with his own correspondents throughout Italy.

The Office developed extensive expertise in Civil Law (Mr. Pecoraro ) and Criminal (Mr. Trasacco ) .


In particular , the lawyer MARCO Trasacco improved his expertise over the years , counseling and defending in criminal proceedings relating to various matters , including:

Medical professional liability
Criminal liability of Public Administrators
Food fraud and food hygiene
Crimes against persons and property, public administration
Offences for drugs
Defense of juvenile offenders in the context of processes before the Court Of Juvenile
Insolvency and bankruptcy crimes in general
Offences relating to safety and hygiene at work
Tax offenses
Environmental crime and urban
Offences relating to the honor , privacy and reputation


The lawyer Paulo Pecorario has acquired in the course of judicial and extrajudicial activities , a significant and specific experience in the field of :

Bankruptcy and corporate crisis
Family law and child custody
Debt collection
Tenancy law
Contracts in general
Bank Contracts


Lawyers Trasacco Marco and Paolo Pecorario are enabled in defense at the expense of the state ( legal aid ) for those who have income requirements .

All members of the firm are particularly attentive to the evolution and contrasts jurisprudential actively participating in numerous conferences and training courses .

In their daily work , the lawyers make opinions and advice , even continuing on all topics relating to the matters indicated by ensuring specific assistance to any other customer.